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Yup, movie review time again - now with added "view from the actual seat!"

So, 48 frames a second, 3D... just what WERE the public expecting from the first of the now THREE Hobbit movies? An "Episode 1"-style disappointment? Well, I have never understood the bile vented towards the "first" Star Wars trilogy, although they do have a different feeling to them (different era, different politics, people). The same is true of Hobbit I, but that isn't a bad thing.

Spoilers? Maybe not, but here's the warning... )

The Final Verdict... The original journey begins, and does not disappoint. There's a certain "been there seen that", but it doesn't detract from an excellent cinematic experience. 8/10
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Just back from seeing The Hobbit - An Unexpected Journey 3D. A full report follows tomorrow. The short version? Most enjoyable, but not quite as awe-inspiring as the Lord Of The Rings trilogy. Not "Tolkien Episode 1" in any way, shape or form...

Also, this... Change of plan on the Christmas Special front - Wreck Of The Nemesis is being promoted to WORLDS COLLIDE prequel. New story is being fired up tomorrow - and we will be Lonely This Christmas after all.
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This business with Diaryland continues to piss me off. Okay, so sites providing "free" services have to pay for their overheads, such as servers, domain names, all that stuff... I don't dispute that for a second, but fuck you if you're going to slap a big banner over part of my content and navigation. And fuck you if you do nothing to publicise what you're planning to do - or at least that's how it seems to me.

Am I being selfish in "expecting something for nothing"? Hey, there was a high probability that I was about to start paying for Diaryland's premium service, but this came at the worst possible time, just after the exams debacle, when I was wanting to try and get back to normal, and perhaps have stuff to post both before and during Christmas and New Year...

*imagine someone doing that "eyes tight shut, massaging the bridge of their nose" thing...*

I've had the last few days off, but I've not managed to get much creative work done. Yes, I have a self-imposed distraction or two, but right now, I'm picking up some pre-Christmas "slack" for others - and when I do get to sit down, it's usually too late for the thought processes to get up to speed before I start falling asleep. Tomorrow may give me something of a chance - especially now that the VIP seats for The Hobbit are sold out for Saturday.

Oh, for FUCK's sake. Why are there no weekend afternoon showings????
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And About Time Too... Okay, that's most of Christmas ordered. A small mountain of books and DVDs should arrive by the end of next week...

Oh yeah, about next week... The changes in the exam schedules mean I'm buggered if I can find a sensible time to go and see The Hobbit. There are opportunities after the exams are over, but I would still like to see the movie as soon as possible after it opens - one plus is that I've read the book, so there aren't a whole lot of spoilers to tip-toe around.

Meanwhile... Bloody hell, is the heating getting the better of me...
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Development News... Chapter 4 of Seeing Nowhere Through The Eyes Of A Lie will be going live tomorrow, pending a spell-check...

...if I stay awake long enough. In the meantime, I discovered this - director Kerry Conran's show-reel for a potential John Carter OF MARS movie. Maybe someone should've picked up on this and run with it. John Carter wasn't in any way bad, but this is the guy who did Sky-Captain And The World Of Tomorrow.

File under "What If...?"
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And now I hurt in TWO places...

Warning - this is icky, but not otherwise offensive... )

Yeah, my elbow now looks like a false-colour image of a nebula taken by the Hubble. Sticking a plaster on it was A Bad Idea, it transpires.

Elsewhat... That's the AVENGERS BluRay on its way back to Amazon.

Oh, hold on...

I forgot one book on my "buy a book a month" Task list, and therefore yesterday's buying binge took me to the completion point for Task 29
29 Buy one book a month from an actual bookshop.
Okay, I might not have strictly bought "a book a month", but I did for most of the time, and and the end of it I had purchased 33 books, so that's as good as a *SCORE* for me.

That makes it one-third distance, with one full week to go. This weekend, I'll do some wrap-up, deciding which Mission-long Tasks are done, and which aren't. Right now, I'm scoping out some original comic art - maybe, if I win the auctions, I can snatch a victory, and another *SCORE*...
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*deep breath - and exhale...*


is being returned to Amazon, unopened. This brazen rip-off carried out by Disney must not go unchallenged. I mean, look at this...

THAT is all the bonus material you get on this BluRay - and wasn't there supposed to be MORE special features on the higher capacity disks? We are talking THE THIRD HIGHEST GROSSING MOVIE OF ALL TIME, people - and this is no way to treat either this fine movie, or the fans in the UK who got it before the US, and helped make it the monster hit it's been, to the tune of £51.8 MILLION.
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Today, I sent in the September comic order, nine days before its due date - and completed Mission 101 Task 42: Get comic orders in early. This was one that was easiest to complete, but took longer than most. I would've added a special prize for completing the Task, but as my "fails" are likely to outnumber my *SCORE*s, I don't think that is warranted. We'll see how things are this time next year, as the "gap year" winds down.

I think I may actually call Mission 101.1 "The Gap Year". It kind of fits.

Meanwhile... The story surrounding the AVENGERS home release gets more and more annoying. Now, it seems, there will be NO director's commentary on the UK DVD/BluRay - perhaps the only commentary I might actually want to play. Grrrrr...

Still no sign of delivery. *sighs* I'll still watch it, commentary or no, spear-tip or no.

Development News... Writing is starting to pick up - via smartphone! I have a text editor app that does all I need it to do, and I email myself each version as I finish work on it. A Shadow City episode for the run-in to WORLDS COLLIDE is underway!
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It's been a "down-time" day, where some plans didn't quite make it off the drawing board. Writing? Nah, not quite - although I can confirm the smartphone is now geared for writing support, and does its job pretty well. Charity research? Well, I'm certainly sending some monetary support to the good people keeping Vulcan XH558 in the air, and the Highland Wildcat seems to be in greater danger than previously. Post-holiday tidying-up? Errrr, I have to say "pass" on that... or "Yes, I am a lazy bastard."

Elsewhat... Why are even repeats of Family Guy so damn compelling? Could be something to do with the musical genius of creator Seth Macfarlane...

Hey, what the fuck? The UK home release of Avengers features an altered key scene? First a fucked-up title, now this? Oh please SPARE ME.
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Well, this is pretty much the end of a VERY satisfying Blockbuster Season, and it concludes last night in spectacularly bloody fashion with Dredd (3D)...

Spoilers? Maybe... )

The Final Verdict: Stallone's Dredd movie has more in it, but less of the "soul" of Dredd, which shines through here. A winner - just trust the people who KNOW do make the movies that WORK. 8/10
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It just doesn't feel like one week has passed since I got back from holidays. I've gotten back into my usual routine, which I'm pleased to report includes some writing...

...hold on, what's this? Our old friends CLAN are advertising their next Gathering at the University? So just where are all their tents and stuff going to go now? I'm not wanting to pick a fight about this, but it merits closer observation - and they surely don't want to "drop the ball" after two years of events going without protest, and without disrupting everyone around their site.

Big weekend, this: more new Doctor Who, Dredd 3D not long after - and the start of the new football season! Busy days - and I'm not even counting my last three weeks of Mission 101 (although something is already taking shape for next weekend)!
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Sooooo..., Operation Haphazard - success or train-wreck? Actually, does it really matter? In general, a good time was had by all, and yes, I could have done a good deal more had I been on my own, but there was plenty of Good Stuff, so I'll stop whining right there. It was all relatively painless, I completed a few Mission Tasks... oh, and the new phone I got has all the features I was looking for after all. Yup, a decent "win"

Now that I've got that out of my system, there's plenty more to look forward to: Dredd 3D at the weekend, an extended outing the following weekend (and more Mission completion action)... and maybe even some writing as I work towards WORLDS COLLIDE. There's even *gasp* the imminent release of NEW Elfquest...!
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No, still not quite there yet - think I need to get back into my routine (which starts... well, today). I better start catching up pretty quick, 'cause in the next week we get Dredd 3D and the new football season... and also I get one week closer to the end of my Mission 101...

Lunchtime. Stuff will make more sense again then. Or at least it bloody better do.
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Whedon Returns For "Avengers 2," Developing Marvel Television Show


SHIELD TV series, I'm thinking...
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Blockbuster Season is drawing to a close, and yet again, we're treated to an offering from Pixar, and this time, Lassiter and Co. have featured more human characters than ever in the Scottish-themed Brave - so, how does it fare...?

WARNING - Spoiler Potential... )

The Final Verdict... McSpirited Away? Not quite, but a change of approach from Pixar that mostly pays off. Not a classic, but very much worthy of consideration. 8/10

Oh, and definitely stay to the very end of the titles to see a part of the story you'll probably have forgotten get its pay-off... ;-)
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So, where were we? Oh yes, the review...

The Dark Knight Rises sees the end of DC Comics's current foray into the motion picture world, helmed admirably by Christopher Nolan. Third movies are always problematic - see, for example X-Men: The Last Stand, Spider-Man 3 and Superman III - especially when they follow such strong showings as the frequently better second entries in those series. The Dark Knight very much follows the pattern, thanks a great deal to Heath Ledger. TDKR has, therefore, got a lot of work to do...

High risk of SPOILERS ahead... )

The Final Verdict... A far stronger final chapter to this trilogy than others have enjoyed. Not quite the soaring masterwork many had been expecting, but still quite satisfying. Catwoman movie please? 8/10
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I'll shortly be posting a review of The Dark Knight Rises, thought by some to be the ONLY movie that stands a chance of topping AVENGERS. I'm not so sure, even though TDKR makes a much better end-of-trilogy than Spider-Man 3, and is certainly one of the better movies this year...

Now, If you'll excuse me, I have a Primeval series finale to catch up on (or alternatively, I'll not fucking bother 'cause the ITV Player is knackered somehow - Borg, here I come...)
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Ah, hell no.

-o- Batman US cinema shooting: Fourteen dead in Denver

I've just heard about the shootings at a midnight showing of The Dark Knight Rises in Colorado, and I'm dreading the fall-out. Someone is certain to blame the movie, and "violent entertainment" in general, and others will cry out for more gun controls - but one thing is, and will remain absolutely certain: you cannot legislate out of society anyone who single-mindedly goes out to kill the innocent, to the point of amassing their own armoury. Why this has happened, perhaps no-one will ever know, even though I have heard that the perpetrator is in custody - I think it's going to be purely an issue of personal power; he could take the lives of many in his hands, all in one place, and snuff them out.

As is always the case with such awful events, it could have been far, far worse - but for the families of those affected, nothing could be further from the truth. My heart goes out to them all.
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Yep, it's raining again, and making up in spades for the last few dry days. The car-park outside my window is turning into a shallow lake. At least the roof will be getting a proper test.

SERIOUSLY hope it passes.

I'm also back to lunch-time blog posts. It's a struggle to fit it in in the evenings, especially with all the new Fleet Starbase stuff in Star Trek Online. Players get to actively contribute to its construction, donating materials to whatever "tasks" are currently active - but almost every time I check on the progress of these, there's very little for me to do, and the only "materials" left to collect are "Fleet Marks", special "credits" only available from certain non-Starbase missions at certain times - as I discovered on Monday, after two and a half hour's "grinding" Tholians for basically nothing. Looking at the "leaderboard" for contributions, I am at the bottom of the second screen of five, but there's one clear leader WAAAAAY ahead with ten times the score - and therefore ten times the Fleet Credits to spend on special ships when the shipyard comes online...

It's nice that someone is dedicating so much effort to the whole project, and they deserve to be rewarded, but what about the rest of us, especially the European players? There's only one "production" server for the game, and it can sometimes be VERY hard to catch the big events when their time comes around - at 2 in the morning. That may be okay at the weekend, but what about the rest of the time? I may have to suggest to the fleet that some kind of "contribution cap" be put in place - I mean, I have very little in the way of Fleet Marks, but TONS of unused Expertise (Bridge Officer XP), and the Starbase is welcome to it...

And finally... it's really annoying to think you've achieved something, such as securing the Optional Objective for the Mirror Universe Incursion fleet action or the Khitomer Accord Special Task Force Space mission, only to find you only have missed something - such as the fact that surviving enemy ships will try to undo your efforts in the former if you don't stop them, and that you also have to destroy both the transwarp conduits within 15 minutes, not just stop any Borg probes going through the time vortex. Dammit!

On the plus side, I found out how to take screenshots without the game HUD. Cue some nice "beauty passes" for my ships!

Elsewhat... Must book the cinema for Saturday, and The Dark Knight Rises - and hope the cinema doesn't float away before then...
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As promised...

The Amazing Spider-Man presents a significant question: just when do you "reboot" an existing franchise, in particular a successful one like the Sam Raimi-helmed Spidey trilogy? There's no dancing around the issue, unlike the "not really an Alien prequel" business with Prometheus - so, how does this movie fit, if at all...

Could include SPOILERS... )

The Amazing Spider-Verdict... A brave effort, which may just lead to more satisfying future films, but this definitely falls into third place in the rankings of Spider-movies as it stumbles over some self-imposed pitfalls... 7.5/10

Elsewhat... Bad luck, Andy Murray.

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