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GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY is THE movie of the summer, if not the whole damn year. I honestly don't think I can do a proper review that DOESN'T have spoilers in it... but I shall try. Tomorrow.

Then the day after, I'll go see it again.
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*sighs* Not been such a great summer, with my back messing up, and all this Snoopers' Charter sh8 - and it's been so damn hot recently that I struggle to stay awake sometimes. It should therefore come as no surprise that blogging has taken a definite back seat of late - so, what's new(-ish)...?

ITEM! The current series of Star Trek Online videos on my channel continue to be the biggest draw of views I've had since the DaveChaos "tutorial". This probably means that the remaining "Stargazer" videos won't now appear, unless I receive more response to what's already been posted. It could be that the "market" is already saturated - or that I've completely misjudged my marketing methodology.

I'm thinking of posting a VLog at some point - with Tera Online as a backdrop. I have plans there...

ITEM! Saw Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes at the weekend. It was pretty damn good, but I struggle to find the time, or energy, to give it a full review. Probably good for a 8.25/10, with my only criticisms being:

1) Caesar looks too human (but Andy Serkis is still an absolute master of performance capture).
2) The humans seemed a bit lacking in "substance", their characters perhaps lacking in development, where the same couldn't be said for the lead apes.
3) Just stop with the 3D conversions where it simply ISN'T needed!

ITEM! I am all booked up for GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY. Plans previous associated with this movie viewing have had to be shelved following my recent infirmities - but I may just do something along the planned lines for AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON next year!

ITEM! Josh Brolin... James Brolin... who care so long as he rocks Thanos? We'll soon see...


Jul. 15th, 2014 07:54 pm
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I am now voting FOR Scottish Independence. I want out of this chicken-shit United Kingdom.
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I've not been posting as many videos lately because... well, the current Minecraft series is getting ZERO views, whilst the new(-ish) Star Trek Online stuff is in fact generating a whole bunch more traffic: Episode 1 now has 233 views, as I write - the only thing with more views is the "how to farm Blazes" video I created in response to the trouble DaveChaos was having a while back, and that's responsible for the vast majority of my views...

I'm scaling back for a bit, and hopefully the STO stuff will keep people interested until I can launch something else - "Ace In The City", anyone...?

Meanwhile, THIS is awesome...

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Oh, for fnaj's sake, the Government, in league with (apparently) the other two major parties (no, sorry, make that the Government and the ONE remaining non-Government party), are rushing through a law that's the much dreaded "Snooper's Charter", giving them the power to require ISPs to retain your web history, emails and so on "just in case you might be a terrorist".

Bullshit. Premium grade top-of-the-range BULLSHIT.

The terrorists are on the "dark net", laughing their asses off at us right now. Put simply, they won by default - they managed to bring our society down, and won't have to fire a shot.

I know who I'm more worried about, and I came VERY close to being caught up in a terrorist atrocity (at Harrod's) some years back. I sure as hell DON'T trust our powers that be with ANY of my information, not when they've acted just like North Korea or old-fashioned totalitarian Romania to get their way...

It'll be interesting to see what "hacktivists" "Anonymous" do about this. Now's the time for them to stand up and fight for what they SEEM to believe in. Or do they only do that if it gets them on TV bitching about the American government...?

UO = Fixed

Jul. 8th, 2014 11:55 pm
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Now that was close - far closer than you ever want to get to seeing thirteen/fourteen YEARS of playing Ultima Online going down the toilet.

And relax...
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Fucking marvellous. My primary Ultima Online account is having billing problems. I should've expected something like this, now that my back is getting better...
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Okay, movie review time, and I'll make this short and not entirely sweet...

Transformers: Age of Extinction. It was like this...

- Too long.
- For a "semi-reboot", it seemed like just a whole bunch more of the same.
- Did I miss something, or was the main non-human bad guy never actually named?
- And was the same true for the remaining Autobots?
- SPOILER Did we really need a THIRD Transformer faction, and all this "Creators" stuff? Is all that "canon"?
- SPOILER Did the non-beautiful human HAVE to die - and in all things, as part of a Michael Bay signature "run from the explosions" gag?
- SPOILER The Seed. Just when did it suddenly become a non-threat? Sloppy writing!
- And just when did Optimus Prime learn to fly?

It wasn't awful. It just wasn't ground-breaking enough to truly make me gasp with excitement, although there was a small punch-the-air moment when Bumblebee arrived. I'll give it 7/10, and leave it at that, except to say that maybe this franchise has run its natural course - some hope of that when the movie had a $100 million opening day...

P.S. The international GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY trailer lacks OOOMPH, as in "Hooked On A Feeling" and "Spirit In The Sky" OOOMPH. The movie will still rock some, though.
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I was back at work this afternoon. All went well. I think I may have forgotten my meds at dinner-time, though, so maybe we'll learn for sure what pills are doing the job (I know what my money's on).

In equally upbeat news, Saturday lunchtime will be cinema time again, with more Transformers. Oddly enough, I've been kinda feeling like Jetfire from the second one this week past...
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Current Status: Fair. Not in agony, and managing to get around a whole lot better than Day 1 or 2. Having a weekend to crash out throughout has been a big help, although I'm still not entirely sure some of the drugs are doing what they should, whilst others are doing a good deal more to ease me through this.

Not a lot else to report, apart from the scheduled videos. Just can't be arsed to link to them right now.

UPDATE: Doctor Who returns Saturday 23rd August. Niiiiice.
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In general, I'm feeling a bit better today, depending on the circumstances. Sometimes, it's almost as though I haven't got a problem at all, and others, I can't even get out of bed, but on the whole I am in less discomfort than previously, so that's a good sign.

Meanwhile, it's New Game Time - I bit the bullet, and took a shot at TERA Online. It's very pretty, but the game system does seem reminiscent of Guild Wars, and that wasn't a path I enoyed seeing MMOs going down. We shall see how things go.
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Ah, sheeeeeet...

My back has rebelled, and in a big way. Cue sizable intake of medication, and a reduced desire to blog, amongst other things. So much for my brave (!) attempt to "get regular" again - and this could really mess up my remaining summer plans, including going to see GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY.


UPDATE: This...

I feel better now.
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Aww. England are out of the World Cup.

Am I heartbroken and inconsolable about this?

Like buggery.

Meanwhile, THIS...

OH, and this from this time last week:-

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So much for me being more regular with blogging.

Anyway, on to something else: new video series...!

Elsewhat... Toilet Bat was safely returned to the roost, I'm told - but not before another two bats had a similar problem, and one did not survive. A shame, but hopefully that issue is now fully dealt with, and the colony is now secure.

Other Elsewhat... All isn't entirely going to plan on the Star Trek Online front, as the special gear I was working towards (see video above) has turned out to be a bunch more expensive than anticipated. Bugger.

And finally, on a brighter note, I have received the main part of my recent "special present" order. I had thought to do an unboxing video, but I don't really have the proper setting for it. I will, instead, take a photo, and share it here...
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Oh, so Metallica aren't "chilled out" enough to play on a certain night at Glastonbury, eh...

Oh, hold everything: Francis Matthews, the voice of Captain Scarlet, has died. Damn it. There goes another piece of a glorious TV past we will not see again...

WTF? Casey (Shaggy) Kasem, too? Holy shite.

Now, where was I...?

Jarvis Cocker has called heavy metal band Metallica an "interesting choice" to headline Glastonbury, but has raised fears they could be "a bit abrasive".

The Pulp frontman told BBC 5 live that fans were often in a "fragile" state.

Awww, boo sodding hoo. That's what you get when you attend the same old "festivals" headlined by the same half-dozen groups every friggin' year. Oh, the stories I could tell from my festival-going days - one day of those - and that was all you got - and it would kill these little darlings stone freakin' dead...
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Hey look, kids...

I'm a bit behind on reporting the video uploads, I know, but there's the latest, and the rest can be found at Last week got only two videos, 'cause my Long Live The Queen series has reached its "Book 1" end, although I will be playing it again sometime.

Elsewhat... Shopping. I just spent a bit of money on myself (not a huge amount), in part to make good on a Move-related promise to myself. Also... I may be heading South later this summer for a bit of a vacation...
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Hmmm - Friday the 13th is almost over, and thankfully there hasn't been anything to worry about, except needing a new watch battery. The same couldn't exactly be said for the bat that ended up in the toilet at work, and was saved by staff from being flushed. I hope the little fella is going to be okay.

Meanwhile; videos. Guess I should get one ready to roll...
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Rik: This house will become a shrine, and punks and skins and rastas will all gather round and hold their hands in sorrow for their fallen leader. And all the grown-ups will say: "But why are the kids crying?" And the kids will say: "Haven't you heard? Rik is dead! The People's Poet is dead!"

- from The Young Ones

Damn. There goes another one - this time actor and comedian Rik Mayall. I know I'm a bit late with this, but I've been busy with a bunch of stuff, and blogging has honestly not been near the top of that list. This will, however, change from today - I'm making it the first thing I do in my evenings.

Evenings now spent in a world without Flashheart. Now that's depressing.
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Struggling to get into a blogging mood. Maybe I should try and do it at the start of the evening, INSTEAD of the end...

News, news, news... is there any? Oh yeah: we ARE getting Thanos in GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY (57 days to go), played, or at least voiced, by James Brolin - but how big a part that will be remains to be seen. In the meantime, there's one less big movie between then and now, as Jupiter Ascending slides from July to next February, apparently to allow more work on the SFX (probably some tinkering with 3D conversion (sighs)...?). It could be that the makers are afraid that the "not a franchise" tag is going to hurt their product, like it seems to have impacted on Edge Of Tomorrow (unfortunately).

Meanwhile, and this may be hard to believe, I appear to be finding my way back into Star Trek Online, at the cost of any serious involvement in Minecraft. Crazy...
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Three movies in three weeks? I'm pretty sure I've never managed that before, but here we are with barely a week in May not dominated by a trip to the "pictures". This time, something a little unexpected: Edge Of Tomorrow...

WARNING: Possible spoilers ahead! )

The Final Verdict... A non-franchise, and a "done-in-one", but still an enjoyable experience - and yes, you can watch Tom Cruise die a whole bunch of times... ;-) 8/10

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